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Our Services

Need help with FOALING or BREEDING?   

No worries, our staff is highly qualified in both services. In fact, we have never lost a foal because we use Smart Foal alert monitors on our pregnant mares, our barn is equipped with video monitored foaling stalls and we assist with every birth.  That is when we take the time at birth to imprint each foal.  Our mares trust us with their foals and that is why they grow up loving people and are so easy to train and ride.

We collect our own stallion and we AI all of our own mares successfully because we have been trained by the best.  We even have special designated areas for stallion collection, semen inspection and preparation, semen shipping and artificial insemination of our mares.  Good horse breeding practices require knowledge, equipment, experience and good instincts.  We can help because we've been doing this successfully for years and can do it for less than most vets charge.  

Horse care 101:    Ever wanted to see a horse up close and understand how they think?  Too scared to pick up your horse's hoof and clean it?  Can't get your horse on the trailer and you're frustrated?  Your horse's size got you a little intimidated, that's OK, we got an "App" for that.  Let us show you or your children some basic horse principals that actually work!