All our foals are truly "Imprinted" at birth which makes them better partners!!!



               Mtn View Villara, Coming 2 year Filly,   Homozygous Black Tobiano Swedish WB out      of Donnermeyer and IV Hoag's Chasity.  Stands currently at 16+ hands, and will  easily mature to her Dam's height of 16.3+ hh. New pictures below!


 Here's Villara after her 1st bath of the year. What a good girl!!    Villara is definitely an "In your pocket" kind of filly.   

          Above Villara at 1 year old and below at 5 mo. old.

Villara is as sweet as she is gorgeous, so refined and such elegant movement.  She loves attention! (8/8/14)

                         Here are the 3 Amigos:                       
Mtn View Lazaro (Spotted Draft 2-Year Old Gelding), Castlebar's Anakin (Spotted DRUM 2-Year Old Gelding in the middle) and our 3 Year Old stallion---Mtn View Tuxedo Joe (DBL Homozygous for Black and Tobiano)  Joe will make some gorgeous foals!!

Black  and White Tobiano Yearling--Mtn View Lazaro Showtime--(Foaled 5/18/13) shown below.  Lazaro has been gelded and will easily mature over 17 hands.  His full sister Oreo was 17 hands at 3 years old and he's almost there.


  Mtn View Castlebar's Anakin DRUM Gelding, foaled 3/28/13         Here's Anakin's cool video: 

Anakin is registered with IDHA and should mature to about 17 hands


Mtn View OREO 


SOLD -  Mtn View Ginger Kisses 

SOLD - Mtn View Samson 

 Nicely matched brother and sister team, Ginger and Samson, photos taken May 5, 2013  


Mtn View Isis - SOLD!!! 

Isis is a Cuddle Bug