All our foals are truly "Imprinted" at birth which makes them better partners!!!



         Mtn View Villara, Homozygous Black Tobiano Swedish WB filly out of Donnermeyer and Hoag's Chasity.  Should mature easily 16.2
Villara is as sweet as she is gorgeous, so refined and such elegant movement.  She loves attention! (8/8/14)

                         Here are the 3 Amigos:                         
Mtn View Lazaro (Spotted Draft Yearling), Castlebar's Anakin (Spotted DRUM Yearling) also our up and       coming resident stallion---Mtn View Tuxedo Joe (Two year old DBL Homozygous Spotted Draft stallion)

Black  and White Tobiano Yearling--Mtn View Lazaro Showtime--(Foaled 5/18/13) shown below.  Lazaro will be gelded and will easily mature over 17 hands


 Mtn View Castlebar's Anakin DRUM colt, foaled 3/28/13              Here's Anakin's cool video:       

Anakin is registered with IDHA and should easily mature to 17 hands


Mtn View Oreonna Showtime, aka "OREO" shownbelow at 5 months old(10/6/12) and at 14 months old(7/6/13).  she is a gorgeous, sweet Black Tobiano, Premium NASDHA filly.  Already Oreo leads well, ties, is used to having her feet trimmed, enjoys daily massages and grooming.   Oreo really loves having a shower!!!    At 1 year old, she already stands at 15.3 hands and will easily mature 17+ hands.

Mtn View OREO 


SOLD -  Mtn View Ginger Kisses 

SOLD - Mtn View Samson 

 Nicely matched brother and sister team, Ginger and Samson, photos taken May 5, 2013  


Mtn View Isis - SOLD!!! 

Isis is a Cuddle Bug