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Saturday, November 5th 2011 at Dr. Scott Hancock's in Helen, GA for his annual Farm Field Days event. The girls Chasity and Frostie  teamed up out in the field and more!!! 

Thank You to SELLS Properties, Mayor elect Jim Sells, and the city of Grantville, GA for inviting us to your wonderful Christmas Parade Dec. 4th, 2010 

GOD Bless everyone & Merry Christmas!

We picked up a few hitchhikers that threw candy


Speeding Ticket?       We out ran the long arm of the law!  (It helps to have the Mayor on board)

By the way, How many Stallions do you know that could be trusted hitched right next to a mare...?

Featuring our Blue Ribbon Winning Stallion Lance with his girlfriend, our Blue Ribbon Winning Mare Chasity

Crowds gathered quickly to take pictures and pet our majestic giants!


Special Thanks to our good friend and Spotted Draft enthusiast, Christina Minyard for helping.

                                                       A news article featuring the parade was in the The Times Herald of Newnan, GA